Risk Management

Dairy Products are among the most volatile commodity markets in agriculture. As experts in the ebb and flow of dairy markets, we’re here to help establish long-term price stability for our suppliers and customers.

We handle all dairy products, giving us a unique and in-depth look into the market to help our customers navigate supply and demand and price volatility. From cheddar cheese to ice cream mix and sour cream to cream cheese, the quantity and diversity of the products we handle gives us the ability to offset market risk in unique ways.

Our traders work closely with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange daily and are experts in Federal Milk Marketing Orders, dairy market knowledge and the hedging mechanisms used to minimize risk.

In short, risk comes with the territory. It’s our job to find risk management solutions that achieve greater stability for customers who are otherwise at the mercy of a market prone to wild swings in price. Risk management goes beyond what we do on the trading floor. As a trading company, we have a multi-dimensional approach to adding value and minimizing risk to our customer’s operations.