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Recapping 2017 – The Milk Check 001

In our first episode, host Anna Donze, Ted Jacoby Jr. and Ted Jacoby III (we’ll call them Ted and T3 from now on) recap movements in dairy markets in 2017. It was an abnormal year… Read more

December market report: What if NAFTA blows up?

Without a doubt, the American dairy industry has benefited greatly since NAFTA became effective in 1994. In fact, agriculture in the U.S. has been the biggest beneficiary of the deal. But President Donald Trump’s pledge… Read more

November market report

An October plummet in domestic nonfat dry milk spot prices means protein powder markets are the talk of the industry. The drop-off comes after months of relative stability in the market. After hitting a high… Read more

October market report

The beginning of October is a key part of the calendar in the dairy industry as buyers start placing holiday orders and markets begin to move the way we always expect them to ahead of… Read more

September Market Report

It’s early fall. That typically means dairy markets begin tightening up as milk production wanes post-flush; normally, draw-downs start on inventories built in spring and summer. But this time around, something is off. The only… Read more

Understanding risk management in the dairy industry

Commodity markets are naturally volatile. It’s especially true in the dairy industry, where milk and its derivative products are produced, bought, sold and moved on an intercontinental scale based on the ever-changing demands of modern… Read more