Dairy Products Marketing

Experience is the best teacher, and that’s why T.C. Jacoby & Co. is the leader in dairy product marketing. From understanding market trends and supply and demand, to navigating the regulatory environment in the U.S., North America and globally, T.C. Jacoby & Co. has the expertise and depth of knowledge to help position your dairy operation for success in any market.

We craft better dairy market solutions because our dairy professionals have worked in every aspect of the industry:

  • On the farm – Our team members with dairy farm backgrounds understand the challenges that producers face daily because they’ve faced them too. They care about your business and offer the sound, sensible advice you need to keep it running profitably.
  • In the plant – Team members with plant and processing experience are experts when it comes to finding the production solutions that make the best use of your capacity. They also help you respond to—and plan for—swings in the market and inventory challenges.
  • On the road – Moving dairy products is just as important as making them, and our team includes logistics experts who understand dairy product transport regulations and ensure carriers move your products safely. They also know dairy products have a shelf life, and that being on time with deliveries isn’t just good business—it means the difference between quality products and useless spoilage.
  • On the trading floor – The commodity markets are complicated places. That’s why T.C. Jacoby & Co. team members understand both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Federal Milk Marketing Orders. We share our expertise in these areas with our customers to ensure they have the best picture of the market they can get, and can plan accordingly.
  • On the front lines – Over the years, T.C. Jacoby & Co. team members have played leading roles within dairy industry organizations that work for the good of the industry. We helped form the U.S. Dairy Export Council and are heavily active in both the American Dairy Products Institute and the International Dairy Foods Association. By being on the front lines of the industry, we explore new opportunities for our customers while also helping foster market and regulatory conditions that ensure their success.

When it comes to marketing dairy products, we have the advantage of devoting 70 years to developing the best team, the best experience, the best connections and an attitude of service and integrity. Let us show you what a difference that experience will make for your business.